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Did I mention…

I was reflecting on the ways that we have been blessed this past year and remembered that I have not shared the biggest and most exciting news that our family has received this year. We are expecting a new member of our family in May of 2016!!  Praise the Lord!  

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It won’t be long now!

I am 38 weeks pregnant and the baby is doing well.  However, at a recent appointment it was determined through testing that the baby is measuring small.  Due to this fact and my age, it has been decided that if I do not go into labor by 39 weeks I will be induced.  I had an appointment today and … Continue reading »

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Kicks, somersaults, and waves

On Friday I attended the second (and likely the last) ultrasound. Tomorrow (6/25) Heidi will be 21 weeks along and baby is growing nicely. Baby was very active during the ultrasound so we were treated to some pretty cool acrobatics and got a really nice look at “baby”‘s hands. Baby is growing very nicely and … Continue reading »

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November 5, 2013!

That is the “official” due date that we were given at yesterday’s appointment.  They did an ultrasound to measure the dimensions of  “Baby #5”.  The baby moved a lot and gave us some good looks at arms, fingers, toes and even looked right at us!  I am very excited, can you tell?!

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